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Saturday 19th september, 2015 Milestone

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  • Free websites for 3600 schools in Nigeria

    SchoolClient celebrates her 4th anniversary with great give away prices.  We really want to appreciate Nigerians for supporting us all these years by making free websites and portals for 100 schools per state in Nigeria.
    Our apologies to those companies that currently charge several thousands of naira for developing school websites and portal. Really! This is going to last for just few days and for few websites. We also know that just few schools are going to subscribe to this opportunity, so bear with us.
    Since inception, SchoolClient technologies solutions have been the source for some of the most outstanding school software, websites and mobile applications available today. We build solutions that lead schools to the top and remain at the top for a very long time.
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Our experience


Result checker, Assignment, SMS portal.
For the past years we have been leading the ICT industry and software development industry with innovative development concepts, cutting edge design and state of the art web technologies. We work to provide world-best applications. We specialize in creating advanced web applications combining robust functionality with object oriented programming practices including Ajax, PHP 5+, MySQL 5+, etc...

Our software engineers use cutting edge technology to create optimized internet based interfaces that are accessible, interactive, functional, and interoperable. The result is a fast and efficient, user-friendly website or web application. We provide world-standard web development services covering a vast technical area based around web technologies and trends.
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Our experience


Madonna, Grimes, Triple Crown, King David...
We have developed numerous, large scale websites and web applications. We do the best in this industry and our work speaks for itself. Our unique approach, philosophy, and ethic of work have proven their efficiency throughout hundreds of projects, resulting in long lasting success. Examples of some of our solutions are listed below;

  • SchoolClient School Management Software, used by over 100 schools in Lagos state

    Website solutions

  • Madonna International School, Ikoyi
  • Grimes International college, Gladys Avenue
  • Triple Crown College, Ketu
  • Christadel Schools, Area 1 Estate
  • King David Model School, Alagbado
  • Sophem School, Ipaja
  • Flor-Peak Schools, Ayobo
  • Roya Crest Global Academy
  • And many more that can be found on our portfolio

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Components in our school websites/portal

Result checker (this allows parents and student to check their results online.

    • Assignment (Assignment portal)
    • SMS portal (this allows schools to send bulk and customize SMS to parents even as low as 50k per SMS)
    • Photo gallery
    • Online admission
    • E-commerce (initiates online payment of school fees with interswitch plugin)
    • E-electronic exam
    • Parents forum portal
    • Constant and interactive feedback
    • Free facebook advertisement
    • Free SEO
    • And many more customize components the school may want to showcase
    • Free school advert one our social website (coming soon)

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Hosting & Maintenance

You may decide to host your website with us or with the hosting company of your choice, given that your hosting plan supports the appropriate php/mysql/apache/lamp technologies.

If you decide to host your website with a 3rd party, we will provide Client Name with guidance and recommendations.  Standard hosting fees vary from a few naira per month to many thousands of naira per month, depending on the hosting company, the details of your hosting plan, and mainly on the site’s required bandwidth usage.

For the initial launch of the site, you should consider a basic hosting plan at N5,000/year.

If you decide to host your website with us, we partner with the best data centers in the world and offer advanced hosting solutions that work within your budget parameters.

Based on the details of the system specifications, we recommend a maintenance plan based on a yearly retainer that will include all necessary maintenance/update needs of the website. We can scope out the maintenance budget upon completion of the project or prior to getting started with the development.